Asia-Pacific architecture and interior design projects completed between 1 January 2017 and 30 June 2019. 


Commercial, Retail & Office
This award recognises excellence in the architecture and realisation of spaces such as offices, commercial or government buildings, studios, co-working facilities.

Green & Sustainable Build

This award acknowledges distinction in the combination of sustainability into a building and/practically development.

Hotel & Resort

This award distinguishes excellence in the design and accomplishment of Hotel and Resort


This award appreciates excellence in facilities in the architecture infrastructure.

Institution & Educational

This award appreciates superiority in architectural spaces such as art galleries and exhibition halls, museums, educational facilities, concert halls, theatres, libraries.

Transportation Hub

This award appreciates superiority in the architecture and recognition of spaces in the transportation area such as a train station and any transportation hub for the general public. Public transport hubs include train stations, rapid transit stations, bus stops, tram stops, airports, and ferry slips. Freight hubs include classification yards, airports, seaports and truck terminals, or combinations of these.

Public Space
This award acknowledges superiority in the architecture of spaces such as studios, factories, general public facilities, and markets, etc.

Remodelled Heritage (Conservation)

This award appreciates the combination of sustainability and conserved into any heritage building.


This award acknowledges superior design in residential building consolidates with sustainability or with the new technology of our everyday living.

Urban Design

This award recognizes and appreciated to the design in the larger scale of groups of buildings, streets and public spaces, whole communities and districts, and entire cities, with the goal of making urban areas functional, attractive, and sustainable.

Photo credit:  Imagennix . by Scott Brooks

Photo credit: Imagennix. by Scott Brooks