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by Japan commercial environmental design association


We are the retail industry’s creative professionals. We were founded in 1961 to be a collaborative community where ideas, knowledge and passion would be shared at a local level and enable our members to fulfill the fast-paced planning and design needs of retail. Today, our membership includes architects, graphic designers, lighting designers, interior designers, store planners, visual merchandisers, resource designers, brand strategists, educators, trade partners, trade media and students of design.


Design Pier aims to add a new dimension and a new flavor to Asia’s design scene via its curated exhibitions, talks, events and partnerships. 

Design Pier’s professional design exhibitions present leading-edgecontemporary designers with unique, high-end design pieces appealingto collectors, buyers, architects, journalists and a design and art-savvypublic at large.

Besides bringing together the best of contemporary and international design talents, Design Pier’s team carefully selects the exhibited piecesaround specific themes and offers a strong content with a syntheticoverview on the different design trends. 


Found by a few architects from UK, Hong Kong and the Netherlands, Weave is a multifaceted design studio come process driven creative collectives. We’ve set out to explore and showcase craft, design and cultural experiences, with a specific aim that focus in unravelling the hidden stories behind craftsmanship. 

Our 700 sq.m. venue base is located at a historically significant crafts community in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We provide an education platform for a diverse pool of artisans to share, to exchange and to showcase their knowledge and skills, through workshops, exhibitions and amongst others. 

Our creative collective includes, but not limited to architects, furniture designer, product designer, textile designer, potter, florist, musicians, coffee barista, and we seek collaborators of different expertise. We believe the cross disciplinary team will create a new method for design, education, and experience.


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